Hvor viktig det er, får vise seg. Men faktum er at Hamas har endret sitt charter hvor det sto at jødene skulle på sjøen.

Men om Hamas har fjernet alle henvisningene til Zion vises protokoller, står det ingenting om.

Hamas has dropped its long-standing call for Israel to be replaced by an Islamic state in its manifesto for this month’s Palestinian elections.

The document, one of the rare occasions when Hamas has declared its policies in writing, does not repeat a tenet of its founding charter that all land west of the Jordan river should be part of an Islamic Palestinian state.

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The wording suggests that Hamas is committed to watering down some of the policies that led to it being proscribed by Israel, America and the European Union as a terrorist organisation.

But the manifesto has not been totally cleansed of controversial language. It supports an armed struggle to regain Palestinian land, a struggle that involved numerous Hamas suicide bombs.

Hamas drops call for the end of Israel as poll nears