A Bangladeshi waiter and his two teenage sons were found guilty of stabbing a student to death to salvage the honour of their family today.
Chomir Ali, 44, and his sons, Mohammed Mujibar Rahman, 19, and Mamnoor Rahman, 16, all from Oxford, were found guilty of murdering Arash Ghorbani-Zarin, a university student who fell in love with Ali’s daughter, Manna Begum, and made her pregnant.

Ghorbani-Zarin, an Iranian electronic engineering student at Oxford Brookes University, was found dead in his car in Rosehill, a suburb of Oxford, on November 20 last year. His head had been tied to a headrest and he had been stabbed 46 times, mostly in the chest.

During the month-long trial at Oxford Crown Court, the jury heard that Ali had ordered his sons to kill Ghorbani-Zarin because of the «shame and dishonour» incurred by the student’s relationship with his 19-year-old daughter.

Father and sons guilty of Oxford honour killing