Man er fristet til å bruke en kjent frase fra amerikansk film: You don’t get it, do you? Men det er sannelig ikke bare muslimenes skyld at de «don’t get it». Den er den kulturen som tror den er tolerant og tåler alt, og når intoleransen stikker hodet frem, også forstår den, og ikke forstår at det betyr selvmord.

Mark Steyn sier det slik:

I’m aware the very concept of «the enemy» is alien to the non-judgment multicultural mind: There are no enemies, just friends whose grievances we haven’t yet accommodated. But the media’s sensitivity police apparently want this to be the first war we lose without even knowing who it is we’ve lost to.

Stikkord: å miste noe, å tape krigen, uten å sanse at man taper. Det er det det handler om. Kanskje må man ha noen personlige erfaringer før det går opp for en? Hva som står på spill.

Van Gogh laughs heartily about the call from a website of Dutch Imams to put a «writing restriction» on him. «Those who have taken this initiative want to present this call to the Dutch security services, the Minister of the Interior and Parliament. It was a gift from Allah, they are even more stupid than I thought they were» says Van Gogh.
This call highlights exactly what the problem is. «It comes from people who don’t have a clue about democracy. In Holland in 1966 you could ridicule God but after a court case those who were responsible were acquitted. These people have never realized that. We’ve got a long way to go in our great multicultural society».

Van Gogh lashes out against a culture of what he describes as «report the neighbors if they say something negative about a Turkish person at the local discrimination reporting center. This culture of reporting one another. The thought police. Typical for the Labour Party, typically 1970s and 1980s Dutch. Yes, we’ve got to pay for that now. It’s going to happen. The price we’re paying is our freedom. I can’t even say or write what I think.»

Yet Van Gogh is nuanced when he talks about Islam. «Let’s be honest. There is a significant number of very reasonable Muslims that are not prepared to pull the trigger.» Van Gogh wouldn’t be Van Gogh if he adds that «Well, if everyone is starting to get scared over a fifth column of goat-fuckers, as I call them, then the debate in this country will pretty soon be over»

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