Hvor mange flere står klar til å ofre livet? Først kom sjokket over at noen i det hele tatt var villig til å gå i døden. Nå må man ta inn over seg at det står et helt nettverk bak. Hvor mange står klar til å følge etter?

Robert Ayers, a security analyst at Chatham House in London, said that that he believed that the same group was behind both attacks.

«All along I’ve been saying that you had four guys that died [in the July 7 bombings], but the infrastructure that trained them, equipped them, funded them, pointed them at the right target – the infrastructure’s still in place, still here,» he told the Reuters news agency.
Michael Clarke, a security expert at King’s College London, told Reuters, said: «The more we know about the bomb attack two weeks ago, the more skilful it looks, well planned – the people behind it know what they’re doing.»

Prof Paul Rogers, of Bradford University, agreed that the second wave of attacks was an «ominous» development. He said: «It implies there might be another cell primed and ready to attack. The one ominous thing is that this appears to be a group of a similar nature to the previous July 7 bombers.»
Mr Clarke said: «It is entirely plausible that they will have planned a campaign, not just one bomb. It’s part of terrorist psychology that one bomb is never enough.

«You gain the effect that you want by creating a sense that there are lots of bombs and the public are going to have to live with this for a long time, unless they do something, unless the government changes. The second event is a prerequisite to the psychology of a campaign … This important because it’s momentum for terrorists.»

Same bomb cell may still be active, experts warn

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