A Chinese and a Palestinian worker were killed in an attack by Palestinian militants Tuesday on the Jewish settlement Ganei Tal in the southern Gaza Strip, the Israeli army said. Hamas and Islamic Jihad both claimed responsibility for the attack which hit the greenhouses of the settlement. Five other people were also wounded in the blast.
Among the wounded was a Palestinian who had both legs blown off. He could be heard screaming in Hebrew as Israeli medics battled to save his life, an AFP correspondent at the scene said. The blast ripped through a small room attached to the greenhouses that the workers used for breaks, splattering its walls with blood. Ganei Tal is one of 21 settlements in Gaza that are all due to be evacuated later this year.
The blast came just hours after three Palestinians were killed by Israeli troops in the occupied territories, including a local leader of Islamic Jihad in the West Bank district of Jenin.
Jihad claimed in a statement that it had carried out the attack at Ganei Tal «as an answer to the killings». The armed wing of the larger Hamas movement meanwhile said it had carried out all the attacks in Gaza «as a response to the Israelis trying to enter Al-Aqsa», referring to an incident on Monday when a group of Israelis toured Jerusalem’s flashpoint mosque compound. (afp)