Woody Allen er i London for å promotere sin siste film Melinda and Melinda. Han er selvfølgelig ikke særlig veltilpass med Bush-administrasjonen. Men han snakker om en endring innen kunsten som begynte under Clinton, i retning noe enklere, mindre krevende. Folk ble mindre sofistikerte. Utsagnet dekker også Norge, som lever innenfor den amerikanske orbit hva kultur angår:

«Even during a liberal or pseudo-liberal administration such as Clinton’s, the culture was changing. In filmgoing, the taste of the audience was becoming, not more rightwing or neo-conservative, but coarser and more simplistic. Sophistication ebbed away from the works of culture, or at least from popular arts, and they became more gross and clownlike, less interesting.

«It didn’t have to do with an administration, because millions of people who are supporting the kinds of films that are antithetical to the more interesting films of the 1970s are young Democrats and liberals who go to Harvard and Yale. For some reason, the taste of young people in art and culture and cinema is not as sophisticated as it was. I’m sure it’s cyclical. I’m sure that it’s transitory and that it will come back the other way at some point.»

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