Sunni-representanter i Kuwaits nasjonalforsamling presset kulturministeren til å gå av fordi myndighetene tillot konserter.
Mohammad Abolhassan, the only Shiite minister, resigned on Sunday under pressure from Sunni Islamist MPs who were gearing up to question him over his alleged failure to protect the values of society by allowing musical concerts.
He became the third information minister to be forced out of office by Islamists in the past seven years, all on similar pretexts of «not protecting morality».

Det er altså ikke noe nytt, men hendelsen settes i sammenheng med moderniseringen av landet, og kampen mellom liberale/moderate moderniseringskrefter og islamistiske krefter som vil underkaste landet sharialoven. Hendelsen bedømmes av sjiaer som en stor seier for «hardline groups and their extremist ideas».

…the Islamists have become increasingly restless with ambitious attempts by the government to open up Kuwait to foreign investment and tourism.
«We need decent entertainment that is consistent with Islamic Sharia laws by excluding controversial issues,» said Islamist MP Walid al-Tabtabai.
Mutairi, however, said «Kuwait has always been an open country» and urged the government to «confront Islamists because personal freedoms and liberties are a red line.»