Skal en tro NYTimes har opprøret i Irak nå spredt seg utenfor Moqtada al-Sadrs rekker for shiaenes del, og utenfor Baath-partiets rekker når det gjelder sunniene. I Washington holder en fast på at det er en begrenset oppstand.

But intelligence officials now say that there is evidence that the insurgency goes beyond Mr. Sadr and his militia, and that a much larger number of Shiites have turned against the American-led occupation of Iraq, even if they are not all actively aiding the uprising.

A year ago, many Shiites rejoiced at the American invasion and the toppling of Saddam Hussein, a Sunni who had brutally repressed the Shiites for decades. But American intelligence officials now believe that hatred of the American occupation has spread rapidly among Shiites, and is now so large that Mr. Sadr and his forces represent just one element..

According to some experts on Iraq’s Shiites, the uprising has spread to many Shiites who are not followers of Mr. Sadr. «There is a general mood of anti-Americanism among the people in the streets,» said Ghassan R. al-Attiyah, executive director of the Iraq Foundation for Development and Democracy in Baghdad. «They identify with Sadr not because they believe in him but because they have their own grievances.»

With his offensive, Mr. Sadr has «hijacked the political process,» he said. As a result, more moderate Shiite clerics and politicians risk going against public opinion if they come out too strongly against the rebellious young cleric, he said.

Account of Broad Shiite Revolt Contradicts White House Stand

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