Irakisk oberst forteller i et intervju med britiske The Telegraph om masseødeleggelsesvåpen som kunne klargjøres til bruk på mindre enn 45 minutter: Lt-Col al-Dabbagh, 40, who was the head of an Iraqi air defence unit in the western desert, said that cases containing WMD warheads were delivered to front-line units, including his own, towards the end of last year.
He said they were to be used by Saddam’s Fedayeen paramilitaries and units of the Special Republican Guard when the war with coalition troops reached «a critical stage».

«The only reason that these weapons were not used, said Col al-Dabbagh, was because the bulk of the Iraqi army did not want to fight for Saddam. «The West should thank God that the Iraqi army decided not to fight,» he said.
«If the army had fought for Saddam Hussein and used these weapons there would have been terrible consequences.»

Offiseren mener han er kilden til etterretningsrapporten som en BBC-journalist hevdet var «sexed up».