Los Angeles Times hadde mandag en lengre sak om Ziad Jarrah og Terrorcellen i Hamburg: Prelude to 9/11 A Hijacker’s Love, Lies.

Cellen var ikke hemmelig, hevder artikkelen; mange kjente til den religiøse aktivismen og militarismen (hellig krig):

«The evidence presents a new view of the Hamburg cell. So public were the beliefs of the hijackers and their associates that the often stated notion that they were a cell of secret «sleeper agents» of the Al Qaeda terrorist network seems almost opposite the truth»…..»Many people suspected that something was seriously wrong. They saw much — and did nothing.»

«Intelligence officials from the United States and Germany were well aware of the radical nature of the group. A CIA agent was so agitated about the group’s activities that German authorities at one point told him that they would throw him out of the country if he continued to make a nuisance of himself by demanding the Germans do something.»

…er denne konspirasjonsvarianten ny?
«They talked endlessly about the damage done by Jews, including their assumption that Israel had conspired with Monica Lewinsky to bring down President Clinton.»