Sweden was in a state of shock after Lars Vilks sudden and brutal death in a car crash Sunday afternoon. All the bile that media and colleagues had heaped on him, suddenly turned on themselves. They were full of remorse. But empathy may be cheap. The leader of Moderna Museet in Stockholm prevaricated when asked if she now would accept Vilk’s famous drawing of the roundabout-dog in turban.

Vilks offered to donate the art piece to the museum while still alive, but the museum turned him down. What about a posthumous gift? The Danish leader gave a very obscure answer to Swedish Radio. She wondered if the museum could do justice to the context of the drawing. An art critic in Swedish radio shed light on the elephant in the room: Moderna Museet has not come to terms with the security issue. How much would it cost to protect not just the art piece, but the museum from threats?

Seems like Vilks’ ghost is pursuing Sweden even after his death.

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