Aruna Khilanani er psykiater med praksis på Manhatten. Den 6. april holdt hun en forelesning på Yale-universitet der hun ga uttrykk for at hun drømte om å rette en revolver mot hodet til enhver hvit person som måtte krysse hennes vei, og trekke av.  Etterpå ville hun føle seg så mye bedre.

«White people make my blood boil» and «White people are out of their minds and they have been for a long time,» according to audio posted on Substack. During her remarks, Khilanani said people of color can feel «intense rage and futility» when trying to talk to White people about race.

«We spend our time patiently explaining their attacks, as they deny,» Khilanani said. «We are calm, we are giving – too giving – and then when we get angry, they use our responses as confirmation that we’re crazy or have emotional problems.»

Khilanani then said five years ago, she took action and «White-ghosted most of my White friends.»

She also verbally envisioned firing multiple rounds at White people whom she encountered, and then «walk[ing] away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step [as if] I did the world an [expletive] favor.»

Forelesningen ble godt mottatt av publikum. Men da hennes ord kom ut i offentligheten tok saken en annen vending. Nå er hennes kontor permanent stengt og hun forklarer uttalelsen med at hun ville røske opp i folk.

Det har vært mange angrep på hvite i USA det siste året hvor angriperen har beskyldt dem for å være hvite privilegerte.

Lørdag var Andrew Worrell på spasertur i Buckhead et velstående nabolag i Atlanta. Da rullet en bil opp ved siden av ham.

The very tinted window rolled down and the guy pointed a gun at him and shot him,» she wrote in the Saturday message thanking her Facebook friends for their concern.

The gunman, identified by authorities as 22-year-old Gaelen Newsom, first shot Worrell in the leg, then fired another round as «Andrew turned to run,» Pearce Worrell wrote. The second shot went through Andrew’s hip and into his ball-and-socket joint, then into his lower abdomen before landing in his right hip, she continued.

Det skriver kona Anne Pearce Worrell fra sykehuset. Andrew klarer seg, men sjokket blir ikke borte: En svart mann kjører inn i et velstående nabolag for å drepe hvite. Han realiserer psykiaterens drøm, men ikke bare hennes. Mange på venstresiden har gitt uttrykk for det samme.

Hvis svarte og andre minoriteter oppfordres til å hevne seg på vellykkede hvite kan det får store konsekvenser. USA er bygget på achievement, på at man lykkes. Hvis underklassen får rette til å hevne seg på dem er det en invitasjon til borgerkrig.

Venstresiden har fostret et slikt monster i lang tid og det er ved å bli født.

Borgerrettsforkjemperen Bob Woodson fortalte om to ferske episoder:

«This woman (Khilanani) engaged in what I call radical disgrace. And, what she is doing, there’s already people taking action: There was a 300-pound black man in [Gardena, California] who savagely beat a 57-year-old White woman at a gas pump.»

He told of another recent incident of hate crimes against a White person when a 21-year-old Hispanic woman who was working as an Amazon delivery driver in Alameda County, Calif., «savagely beat a 67-year-old White woman while saying ‘you are privileged’.»

Dette er historier som alle får med seg. At det fortsatt er folk med talerstol som heller bensin på bålet, er ufattelig.

Woodson mener svarte ledere bærer et stort ansvar som ikke fordømmer slike uttalelser.

Woodson sier taushet overfor slike oppfordringer til hat og vold er det samme som samtykke. Han klandrer både ledere som Al Sharpton, Obama, Biden og Harris.

This is how far we’ve descended,» Woodson lamented. «Yet, there’s a conspiracy of silence on the part of the civil rights leadership, the Congressional Black Caucus; Kamala Harris. All these people are silent. Therefore they sanction with their silence.»

Woodson went on to note that President Biden failed to honor the veterans and the fallen heroes of the June 6, 1944 Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France, on its 77th anniversary on Sunday.

«Even the president keeps up this mantra about ‘racism’… He couldn’t find it in himself to talk about the thousands of Americans who died in the invasion of Normandy. But he could talk about 300 blacks who were slaughtered in Oklahoma. That’s the kind of moral inconsistency … that can destroy this country,» said Woodson, referring to Biden’s remarks about the 1921 Tulsa massacre.

«What would happen if people got the word and started retaliating and attacking Blacks because of their color?»

Tidligere New York Times-redaktør Bari Weiss har lagt ut en lydfil av forelesningen og et intervju med Khilanani.

The way that you talk about whiteness, it’s almost like it’s a state of being. Is that correct?

I would say it’s a state of mind that affects how you think consciously and how you think unconsciously.

Are all white people afflicted by whiteness?

It’s impossible to not be. You would have to do an incredible level of work to not be.

It sounded like your talk was very well received by the audience. But what happened afterwards?

Det som skjedde  «etterpå» var at noen på Yale fikk kalde føtter og forsto at dette kunne bli en skandale, men de er for woke til å tørre å si det høyt. For Khilanani var dette et bevis på at hun hadde rett i forelesning. Hun hadde ikke med seg et våpen denne gangen.

Weiss har laget et utvalg fra forelesningen, highlights:

Here are some of the quotes from the lecture:

  • This is the cost of talking to white people at all. The cost of your own life, as they suck you dry. There are no good apples out there. White people make my blood boil. (Time stamp: 6:45)
  • I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a fucking favor.  (Time stamp: 7:17)
  • White people are out of their minds and they have been for a long time.  (Time stamp: 17:06)
  • We are now in a psychological predicament, because white people feel that we are bullying them when we bring up race. They feel that we should be thanking them for all that they have done for us. They are confused, and so are we. We keep forgetting that directly talking about race is a waste of our breath. We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero, to accept responsibility. It ain’t gonna happen. They have five holes in their brain. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall. It’s just like sort of not a good idea. (Time stamp 17:13)
  • We need to remember that directly talking about race to white people is useless, because they are at the wrong level of conversation. Addressing racism assumes that white people can see and process what we are talking about. They can’t. That’s why they sound demented. They don’t even know they have a mask on. White people think it’s their actual face. We need to get to know the mask. (Time stamp 17:54)


Anti-White Yale Lecturer a ‘radical disgrace’ amid ‘conspiracy of silence’ among Black leaders: Bob Woodson

‘The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind’



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