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Bevegelser som hevder at alt må rives ned, vi må starte på nytt, alt er råttent, er farlige. Kostnaden er høy: En usedvanlig vellykket samfunnsform, nemlig den vi lever i nå, i Vesten, står på spill:

Any movement that says ‘Things are so bad that this whole thing needs to be pulled down’ should be encouraged to realise, before they have to experience it, the cost of what they are abandoning. And to remember the central truth about how much easier it is to pull down than it is to build. They must be responded to by people of every skin colour and background with a polite but firm ‘No’. Not just because the things that they are attempting to pull down include the only things that are capable of holding us all up. But because if everything that got us here was so bad, then what we are living in wouldn’t be so unusually good.

Alle kan sette fyr på en bil, men ikke alle kan sette den sammen.

In defence of liberalism: resisting a new era of intolerance

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