Ronpaul1Ron Paul er liberterianer, han ønsker en isolasjonistisk utenrikspolitikk. Han mener USA blander seg altfor mye inn i andre lands affærer. Men bak dette spesielle standpunktet ligger holdninger til føderale myndigheter og Vesten hvor mye rart møtes: Blant annet enn forståelse av «deres vrede». Pauls uttalelser om massakren i Paris fortjener å huskes. Han forstår jihadistene på en måte som viser at det ikke bare er blant venstreliberale eller sosialister man finner en forståelse for den andre som minner om overgivelse.

This is pretty obscene, when it comes to violence, and libertarians are pretty annoyed by anybody who initiates violence

But in the context of things, France has been a target for many, many years, because they’ve been involved in foreign affairs in Libya, and they really prodded us along in — recently in Libya, but they’ve been involved in Algeria, so they’ve had attacks like this, you know, not infrequently. So, it does involve, you know, their foreign policy as well. When people do this, you know, the rejection of the violence has to be made, and with that I agree.”

I put blame on bad policy that we don’t fully understand, and we don’t understand what they’re doing because the people who are objecting to the foreign policy that we pursue, they do it from a different perspective,” Paul added. “They see us as attacking them, and killing innocent people, so yes, they, they have — this doesn’t justify, so don’t put those words in my mouth — it doesn’t justify, but it explains it.