Phillippe Close, borgermester og medlem av Sosialistpartiet.

En planlagt demonstrasjon mot Marrakesh-pakten ble forbudt av borgermesteren og byrådet i Brussel. 45.000 hadde meldt sin interesse  i forkant. Den sosialistiske borgermesteren tar Marrakesh-avtalen på ordet: Innvandringsmotstand skal sensureres.

“We cannot allow a ‘brown march’ in Brussels,” mayor Phillippe Close and regional Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort say.

On social media around 45,000 people showed their interest in the march against the UN pact, that makes migration a human right.

Partiet Vlaams Belang var blant initiativtakerne.

Officials in Brussels fear the manifestation could spread to other parts of the city and therefore the mayor made the decision to prohibit it.

“We thought the decision was made because of the terror attack in Strasbourg [on the Christmas market], but the problem doesn’t seem to be the safety of the protesters, but their right to unite and of freedom of speech,” march organiser Filip Brusselsmans says.

Where’s democracy? Brussels bars large demonstration against UN Migration Pact