What is the chief skill of a mediocre person? Recognizing another one. Together, they will organize back-scratchings, make sure favours are returned, and, since they quickly find ways to attract their fellows, establish the power of a growing clan. What really matters is not avoiding stupidity, but make sure it is decorated with images of power. […] The rule of mediocracy leads people to carry out an imitation of work that produces the illusion of an outcome. Faking it becomes a value in itself. […] The central figure of mediocracy is, of course, the «expert» with whom the majority of today’s academics identify. His thought is never quite his own; it belongs to an order of reasoning which, although embodied in him, is driven by specific interests. The expert’s function is to transform ideological propositions and sophisms into objects of knowledge that appear to be pure.

Alain Deneault, Mediocracy: The Politics of the Extreme Centre