April 4. French prosecutors calledfor Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, an MP for Essone (Île-de-France), to be given a suspended fine of €5,000 ($6,000) for «provocation to hatred or discrimination» for using the words «migratory invasion.» While running as a candidate for president in the 2017 elections, he tweeted: «In 2016, the Socialists compensated for the declining birth rate with the migratory invasion.» Dupont-Aignan said that his remarks were aimed at the Socialist Party rather than immigration and that, in any event, as an MP he is immune from prosecution. The public prosecutor disagreed: «We have a leading politician, a declared candidate in the presidential election, who publicly promotes, on his personal account, a conspiracy and racist theory born in the depths of the French far right…the thesis of ‘the great replacement’ by [French writer] Renaud Camus. A failure to condemn him would open the floodgates of uninhibited racist speech…against all those who do not belong to the national community, including migrants and immigrants.» The court will decide the matter on June 6. Soeren Kern in Gatestone.