Air France-flyet som foretok en nødlanding i Nairobi etter en bombealarm, var utsatt for en syk spøk. Det ble funnet en pappeske med en klokke påheftet på toalettet. Noen ønsket å skremme og klarte det.

The Air France chief executive, Frédéric Gagey, told a news conference a decision was made to land at the closest airport able to handle a Boeing 777 aircraft after a passenger found the object in the toilets.

“All the information available to us at the moment indicates that the object was not capable of creating an explosion or damaging a plane, but was rather a mixture of cardboard, sheets of paper and a timer,” he said. “It was a false alarm.”

He added that those on board were evacuated via the emergency slides. Gagey congratulated the crew for their cool-headed reaction to divert the plane. He said a safety check had been carried out in the toilets before the flight and denied any security failure.

A Kenyan police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the device looked like a cardboard box with a stopwatch taped to it. He said six passengers were being questioned in relation to it, including the man who raised the alarm.

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