For seks måneder siden anslo man at 5.000 europeere hadde sluttet seg til IS. Nå tror amerikanske kilder at tallet er 8.000.

Amerikanerne håpet nederlagene i Kobani og Tikrit ville dempe strømmen. Men slik ser det ikke ut til å ha gått.

USA måtte ta frem storslegga og irakisk shia-milits måtte tåle store tap. Fremstøtet mot Ramadi i Anbar-provinsen har slått feil. Hvor er Bagdads handlekraft?

In fact, there is some evidence that the number of fighters from Europe has increased in the last six months, one U.S. official said, from a total of 5,000 fighters six months ago to roughly 8,000 now. In other words, there’s been a 60 percent increase in these recruits in just half a year.


“The recruitment channels continue unabated,” the U.S. official explained.


Observers said that while the reason foreign fighters are joining ISIS is varied, not all are moved by territorial wins and losses, but rather the hopes of living amongst a caliphate. And while military losses can have an effect that without an equally aggressive push on their finances, the territorial gains can only have so much of an effect.