Hvordan IS greier å hjernevaske unge kurdere til å bli krigere, som kriger mot deres eget folk. Telegraph.

By the time the boys were returned to their parents, their jihadist kidnappers had already achieved their goal: loyalty to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
Sitting in the living room of the family home two days after his release, one fifteen-year-old looked sheepishly towards his aunt, and then mustered the courage to express his feelings about his ordeal.
«I must speak the truth. The Islamic State are right, and all the things they taught me are true,» he said. «I am convinced they are right.»
The boy, who gave himself the pseudonym Jan, was one of 148 Kurdish schoolboys who were held for five months by Isil extremists in Syria and subjected to a rigorous indoctrination programme designed to brainwash them.