Two reporters from the Washington Post, Anthony Faiola and Souad Mekhennet, wanted to write an article on how Muslims fare in today’s Europa, in the shadow on radicalization and the war on ISIS.

But instead of delving into a difficult subject, they preferred to play the victim-card: Muslims are subject to a growing animosity and discrimination. Case in point was the muslim student in Copenhagen who was reported to the police as a possible terrorist, resulting in a big man hunt.

The same happened by the way in Norway this summer, when the nation was under a weeklong state of siege, following threats of an ISIS-attack. A passenger on a plane at Torp airport blew the whistle after finding a young guy suspicious. The captain called the police and the guy was taken off the plane. He was on his was to Turkey with his girlfriend. He looked «young», tatooed and different. For some people that triggers their fear.

It is called hysteria. It will happen when the situation gets tense.

When people hear that 3.000 people have joined ISIS og see beheadings in the news, they get scared. But instead of trying to understand where the fear comes from, Faiola/Mekhennet see it as part of a growing trend of anti-muslim sentiment in Europe.

They use the antipathy as proof of Europeans going bad.

It is hard to give Faiola and Mekhennet the benefit of the doubt after so many years of reporting on those issues. Americans need to understand what is taking place in Europe. They need to understand the deep fissure between officials, politicians and the electorate, the deep alientation many Europeans feel. Instead Washington Post depicts Europeans as being anti-muslim.

Instead of pejorative terms, Faiola and Mekhennet could have tried to convey that many Europeans have come to the conclusion that the West and islam in its present form are incompatible. It has taken them a long time to come that conclusion. But what they see on their streets are that things are getting worse.

Faiola and Mekhennet touches reality when they write that not everyone wants to be integrated. A Swedish police report recently listed 55 areas in Sweden that are «sensitive», where authorities are reluctant to venture, where criminals and «others» hold sway.

The same is the case in country after country. We are talking about areas that are no longer under the sovereign country’s de facto control. You have the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, why not an adjunct in Sweden? It may sound laughable at first, but think again. There are groups in Sweden who would be willing to consider such a move, and the authorities would have to decide: How much violence would they be willing to use to enforce our primacy? Probably not very much.

These are the prospects facing Europe. Faiola and Mekhennet doesn’t even consider the situation. They are out the defame the anti-muslim Europeans. That is not a very noble endeavour. It serves neither Europe nor the valuees the Washington Post would like to uphold.



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