Tidligere sjef for NSA og CIA, Michael Hayden, sier det er bare er et tidsspørsmål før ISIS angriper Vesten.

Speaking to CNN’s Jim Sciutto on «Fareed Zakaria GPS,» Hayden said he expects ISIS to attempt an attack on targets in the United States or Europe.

«ISIS is a very powerful local organization, and probably a reasonably powerful regional terrorist organization,» Hayden said. «But it’s one that has global ambitions — and it has the tools.»

«It’s expressed the intent,» Hayden said. «There’s no way more powerful way to express their street credentials among the jihadist community than a successful attack against the West.»

«It’s not just about defense; it’s not just about keeping the right people off of aircraft,» Hayden said. «It’s about offense. It’s about disabling ISIS. It’s about making them more worried, more consumed with protecting their own survivability rather than yours or mine.»