The proportion of Muslim men who say that they feel no loyalty to Britain (18 per cent) is more than three times higher than the proportion of women who say the same. In other words, nearly all Muslim women feel attached to this country and grateful for what it has given them, while a solid core of Muslim men do not. Muslim men are also far more likely than women to say that Western society is decadent and immoral.

This suggests that the problem with Britain — and the West as a whole — is not that it is un-Islamic. If that were the case, then Muslim women would surely feel as alienated as Muslim men. More plausible is that Muslim men resent the way in which their traditional feelings of superiority over women are challenged in the West. Here, they simply can’t get away with subjugating their womenfolk in the way that they can in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Somalia.

The West’s not anti-Islam — it just gives rights to women