EU har problemer med å fatte at gammeldags maktpolitikk fortsatt gjelder, og har ikke noe å stille opp med mot Putin i Ukraina. Det er tragisk for Ukraina og Europa. EU lot seg utmanøvrere og Putin vinner frem med sin autoritære imperiebygging.

Det skriver John Lucas i Wall street Journal.

The EU’s failure to deal properly with Ukraine is a scandal. It is no exaggeration to say that the country determines the long-term future of the entire former Soviet Union. If Ukraine adopts a Euro-Atlantic orientation, then the Putin regime and its satrapies are finished. The political, economic and cultural success of a large, Orthodox, industrialized ex-Soviet country would be the clearest signal possible to Russians that their thieving, thuggish, lying rulers are not making the country great, but holding it back.

But if Ukraine falls into Russia’s grip, then the outlook is bleak and dangerous. Not only will authoritarian crony capitalism have triumphed in the former Soviet Union, but Europe’s own security will also be endangered. NATO is already struggling to protect the Baltic states and Poland from the integrated and increasingly impressive military forces of Russia and Belarus. Add Ukraine to that alliance, and a headache turns into a nightmare.

Western leaders have missed no chance to show the Kremlin that they are not to be taken seriously. The EU has merely murmured when the Kremlin imposed trade sanctions on Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Lithuania. They have done little to make waverers in Ukraine think that Europe is to be counted on in a crisis. The belated diplomatic support that the Obama administration has given the EU in its eastern neighborhood is commendable. But it also highlights the shameful neglect of previous years.

EU og USA må bruke de maktmidler de har: nekte bærere av offisielle russiske pass visum, nekte Russland medlemskap i OECD inntil videre, og intensivere granksninge av Gazproms opptreden i Europa.