Irans nye president Rouhani gjorde noe viktig da han i et intervju med Christiane Amanpour anerkjente Holocaust som historisk faktum. Da brøt han med forgjengeren som sa det var en myte.

Men ikke før intervjuet var sendt, så blandet Revolusjonsgardens nyhetsbyrå, Press, seg inn. Rouhani var blitt misforstått.

Mr. Rouhani, in an interview on Tuesday with CNN, described the Holocaust as a “crime that the Nazis committed towards the Jews” and called it “reprehensible and condemnable.” It was a groundbreaking statement, given that his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, denied the systematic extermination of Jews during World War II. Mr. Rouhani largely repeated his comments in a meeting with news media executives on Wednesday.

But a semiofficial Iranian news agency accused CNN of fabricating portions of Mr. Rouhani’s interview, saying he had not used the word Holocaust or characterized the Nazi mass murder as “reprehensible.” Mr. Rouhani spoke in Persian; officials at CNN said they used an interpreter provided by the Iranian government for the interview, which was conducted by Christiane Amanpour.