Man får en ide om hvilke vinkel Moskva vil bruke mot USA når man hører hva som serveres russiske tv-seere. Utrolig nok sendte den amerikanske ambassaden ut en twittermelding: – Vi har ikke en strategisk allianse med al-Qaida!

On Sunday, June 2, Russia’s leading news program — which airs on Rossiya 24, one of the Kremlin’s mouthpiece networks — broadcast a 12-minute segment about American meddling in Syria. It argued that Washington has formed an alliance with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda in order to “spread chaos” across the Muslim world and then to Russia and China. The host of the show, Dmitri Kiselyov, who is the sort of newsman you might get if Bill O’Reilly were cloned in a Kremlin laboratory, stood before a headline scrawled in letters roughly as tall as him: “The USA and al-Qaeda — a Strategic Union.” The only person who can stop this unholy cabal from achieving “world domination,” the program suggested, is Russia’s Commander in Chief.

Such depths of Cold War mania could previously have been found on the blogs of Russian doom merchants or in the memoirs of Red Army generals. But never has the leading national news show, whose programming is tightly managed by the Kremlin, directly accused Washington of partnering with terrorists in order to conquer the world. On the morning of June 4, the U.S. embassy in Moscow even felt obliged to issue this mind-bending response on its Twitter account: “The U.S. does NOT have a strategic alliance with Al-Qaeda to destabilize the Middle East, Russia and China.”

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