Bombene som gikk av i Boston mandag ettermiddag, var laget av trykkokere, opplyser politiet.


In a major breakthrough, federal investigators have recovered the mangled remains of one of the bombs planted along the route of the Boston Marathon Monday, according to two counter-terrorism officials briefed on the case.

The officials told ABC News the remains show a medium-sized pressure cooker, packed with wires, a circuit board, nails and ball bearings.

Earlier today doctors caring for the 170-plus victims of the deadly bombing reported they have been pulling nails or nail-like objects from those struck by the twin explosions – likely shrapnel from inside the bombs.

«Nails or sharp objects,» Dr. George Velmahos, chief of trauma at Massachusetts General Hospital, said at a press conference. «Can’t say for certainty, but that’s what they look like. [They’re] numerous… 10, 20, 30, 40 in their bodies, maybe more.»

A spokesperson for Brigham and Women’s Hospital, another medical center caring for the wounded, reported similar injuries, apparently caused by carpenter nails and small ball bearings.