Israel og USA skal være kommet mye nærmere i synet på når og hvordan man skal slå ut Irans atomanrikingsanlegg. De skal ha samme oppfatning av hva som utgjør en terskel som utløser angrep.

Israel har villet at USA offentlig setter en slik grensen, såkalt red line. Det ønsker ikke Obama. Men på kammerset skal partene ha kommet frem til enighet. Det er redaktør og styreleder for Foreign Policy, David Rothkopf, som skriver dette:


Rothkopf quoted a “source close to the discussions” as saying that a surgical strike on the enrichment facilities “might take only ‘a couple of hours’ in the best case and only would involve a ‘day or two’ overall” and would be conducted by air, using primarily bombers and drone support.

“Advocates for this approach,” he wrote, “argue that not only is it likely to be more politically palatable in the United States, but were it to be successful – meaning knocking out enrichment facilities, setting the Iranian nuclear program back many years, and doing so without civilian casualties – it would have region-wide benefits. One advocate asserts it would have a ‘transformative outcome: saving Iraq, Syria, Lebanon; reanimating the peace process; securing the Gulf; sending an unequivocal message to Russia and China; and assuring American ascendancy in the region for a decade to come.’” Such an attack could not be carried out by Israel alone, the report said.

“To get to buried Iranian facilities, such as the enrichment plant at Fordow, would require bunker-busting munitions on a scale that no Israeli plane is capable of delivering,” Rothkopf wrote. “The mission, therefore, must involve the United States, whether acting alone or in concert with the Israelis and others.”