I desember 2011 ble det bruduljer ved flere universiteter i Tunisia, ikke minst ved at salafister og deres kvinnelige allierte forlangte at kvinner skulle kunne være ikledd niqab under forelesninger og eksamener.

(Se: http://www.document.no/2011/12/tvungen-sekularisme-sprekker-tunisias-universiteter-som-kamparenaer/)

Nå har regjeringspartiet gitt klarsignal at full ansiktstilsløring skal aksepteres ved tunisiske universiteter, iflg. Ansamed:

«Tunisian university students can wear a religiously mandated veil, or niqab, to class, the African Manager website reported the Ministry for Higher Education as announcing on Friday. The new law «was drawn up to guarantee the rights and freedoms of all students, with no exclusions,» the Ministry reportedly said.

The issue of whether or not students should wear the niqab to university was a matter of heated debate in the previous academic year, when proponents of the veil, supported by Salafites from outside the school system, clashed physically with its lay student opponents.»