Finans­ana­ly­ti­kere kal­ler det som skjer nå for en ned­smel­ting. Hel­las er blitt uve­sent­lig, opp­merk­som­he­ten er ret­tet mot Ita­lia, og Frank­rike og Spa­nia begyn­ner å føle pres­set.

Jen­ni­fer McKe­own, a senior Euro­pean eco­nomist at Capi­tal Eco­no­mics, said: “It is a panic. Rome is bur­ning. Govern­ments need to stop the fire spre­ad­ing. Bri­tain can’t escape the impli­ca­tions of this cri­sis.” Marc Ost­wald, an eco­no­mic stra­te­gist at Monu­ment Secu­ri­ties, added: “This is a form of melt­down. I would ima­gine the telep­ho­nes between inter­na­tio­nal finance mini­stries and cen­tral banks are in dan­ger of run­ning so hot they’ll melt down them­selves.”

Euro­zone lea­ders were accu­sed of fai­ling to get on top of the cri­sis. Last month, they announ­ced plans for a one-tril­lion-euro bail-out fund but have strugg­led to raise money for the scheme.
Alistair Dar­ling, the for­mer chan­cel­lor, said: “I despair of the way in which EU lea­ders are con­stantly behind events. I do not think enough people rea­lise how serious this cri­sis is, and how hard it is going to hit us. This is far worse than the ban­king cri­sis of 2008.”

There were signs of increas­ing ner­vous­ness on the finan­cial mar­kets over the Spa­nish and French pub­lic finan­ces. Inves­tors are wai­ting for the Spa­nish election later this month and the new govern­ment will have to announce spen­ding cuts quickly to avoid the cri­sis spre­ad­ing to the coun­try. The cost of French debts rose to a record mar­gin com­pared with those of Ger­many.


Debt cri­sis: while Rome burns, the euro­zone fidd­les
Italy on Wed­nes­day became the first major eco­nomy to require an inter­na­tio­nal bail-out as its debts hit “totally unsustai­nable levels”.

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  • Ptap

    Jeg håper for all del Hel­las står i mot å bli under­lagt sosia­list­in­ter­na­sjo­na­len (dvs. Ver­dens­ban­ken og Penge­fon­det). Det samme håper jeg for Ita­lia, Spa­nia og even­tu­elt Frank­rike. “Red­nings­fond” er ikke annet enn sosia­lisme anno 2011. 
    Ver­dens­øko­no­mien skri­ker etter bank- og land­kon­kur­ser. Alt­for mange lever laangt over evne og kre­ver et vel­ferds­nivå det over­ho­det ikke er grunn­lag for i brutto­na­sjo­nal­pro­duk­tet. Sam­ti­dig nyter ban­kene i prak­sis kon­kurs­be­skyt­telse (og myn­dig­he­tene tar ansvar for inn­skudd) – der­med har de null incen­tiv til å drive ansvar­lig.