Etterforsker for Europarådet, Dick Marty, gjentar påstandene om at ledende kosovoalbanske politikere har drept serbiske fanger og plyndret kroppene for organer.

Marty gikk ut i desember, og EUs arm i Kosovo, Eulex, forsøker å finne ut av det, og de vil ha Martys kilder, men det kan han ikke gi dem, da vil kildenes identitet stå i fare.

Skulle opplysningene bli bekreftet vil det være et alvorlig prestisjetap for ledelsen i Kosovo anført av Hasim Thaci.

En nederlandsk statssekretær for europeiske saker, Timmermanns, advarte amerikanerne i 2007 om at ledelsen i Kosovo var dypt innblandet i kriminalitet. Det fremgår av en lekket diplomatisk rapport.

«Western countries knew all the time what was happening in Kosovo but nobody did anything about it,» Mr Marty said in an interview with the Slovenian daily Delo on Saturday (12 February).

Dick Marty said Brussels would do everything it could to make the case sink into oblivion (Photo: EUobserver.com)

A report published by Mr Marty in December sent shockwaves through the international community when it linked Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci to a gruesome crime ring which carried out organ harvesting and heroin smuggling in the region.

Serb prisoners held in special detention camps were killed and had their organs extracted for sale on the international black market in the 1990s, claimed the 27-page document.

A former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Mr Thaci’s name was frequently cited in intelligence and diplomatic reports from Kosovo sent by western information agencies such as the FBI, MI6, «but the western politicians persistently remained quiet,» Mr Marty said in the interview.

«Everybody kept quiet. That’s the real scandal, not my report in which I only wrote what many have known for a long time,» he added.

That claim appears to be supported by a recently leaked US diplomatic cable which suggests former Dutch state secretary for European Affairs Frans Timmermans warned the US in 2007 that senior Kosovo officials were heavily involved in criminal activities.

«Kosovo is run by people who live off crime … [they have] no other means to support themselves,» Mr Timmermans reportedly told US officials in The Hague, according to the cable published by WikiLeaks.