Hizbollah trakk elleve statsråder ut av regjeringen onsdag og dermed kollapset den.

Hizbollah ville tvinge statsminister Saad Hariri og regjeringen til å fordømme og ta avstand fra FNs spesialtribunal for Libanon. Domstolen har kommet til at flere Hizbollah-ledere var innblandet i attentatet på Rafik Hariri 14. februar 2005. Dette er helt utålelig for Hizbollah som legger skylden på Israel.

Ikke bare har Saad Hariri blitt nødt for å dele regjering med partiet som var med å drepe hans far, han skulle også fordømme domstolen som har funnet ut at Hizbollah er morder. Det ble for mye selv for Saad. Han nektet.

Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin, in Beirut, said that the opposition ministers said that they resigned because the prime minister will not engage them and respond to efforts to reach an understanding on a number of issues.

«What the ministers are saying is that they resigned to protest Saad Hariri’s stand not to find a settlement on how to deal with the ramifications of the tribunal.

«Hezbollah are saying that this tribunal has been politicised and used by the US and Isreal to descredit Hezbollah, that they have nothing to do with the death of Rafiq Hariri and they want Saad Hariri to come out and delegitimise its findings and end Lebanon’s co-operation with the tribunal.»

Saad Hariri’s associates have said that he would not succumb to pressure and will call for a cabinet meeting when he finds it appropriate.

Reacting to the Hezbollah withdrawal, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said the tribunal must continue with its work so that justice can be served.

«We view what happened today as a transparent effort by those forces inside Lebanon, as well as interests outside Lebanon, to subvert justice and undermine Lebanon’s stability and progress,» Clinton told a news conference in Doha, Qatar, where she was attending a meeting of regional leaders.

«This is a matter that should be allowed to proceed as previously agreed to. This is not only about the tragic assassination of former Prime Minister Hariri, but many other people died and were injured as well,» Clinton said.

Lebanese government collapses