Imam ved Ground Zero-moskeen, Fesial Abdul Rauf, får stor oppmerksomhet under sin to uker lange rundreise i Midtøsten og Golfen. – Motstanden er et tegn på suksess, sa Rauf i Bahrain. Ikke alle forsto helt hva han mente.

Rauf sa også at den amerikanske grunnloven med sin religionsfrihet er mer i pakt med islam enn mange av styresettene i muslimske land.

But Rauf, who is on the first leg of a 15-day Mideast tour funded by the U.S. State Department, took heart from the dispute, saying «the fact we are getting this kind of attention is a sign of success.»
«It is my hope that people will understand more,» the imam told a gathering at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain. He did not elaborate.

In an interview with Bahrain’s Al Wasat newspaper, he said that America’s sweeping constitutional rights are more in line with Islamic principles than the limits imposed by some Muslim nations.
«American Muslims have the right to practice their religion in accordance with the Constitution of the United States,» Rauf said. «I see the article of independence as more compliant with the principles of Islam than what is available in many of the current Muslim countries.»
A portion of the Al Wasat interview — to be published Monday — was seen Sunday by The Associated Press

NY mosque imam: Attention from project is positive