Nederlandsk politi har arrestert en 43 år gammel somalier som amerikansk politi i Minneapolis mener har bidratt til å rekruttere og finansiere 20 somaliere til tjenestegjøring hos al Shabaab-militsen i Somalia.

Somaliske miljøer i Vesten virker som rekrutteringspooler for al Shabaab-militsens jihad i Somalia. Det sprer potensielt krigen til vestlige land. Al Shabaab er tilknyttet al Qaida.

A 43-year-old Somali man from Minneapolis was arrested this week in the Netherlands for allegedly financing the recruitment of up to 20 young Somali men from Minnesota to train and fight with terrorists in their homeland…. The identity of the man, who was arrested Sunday at an asylum-seeker’s center 45 miles northeast of Amsterdam, was not released. But Special Agent E.K. Wilson of the Minneapolis FBI office confirmed Tuesday that the man was arrested in connection with the ongoing counterterrorism investigation that began here when young men began disappearing in 2007. «We are aware of this individual and of this arrest. And it is tied to our ongoing Minneapolis investigation,» Wilson said. «We are and have been working closely with Dutch authorities through our legal attaché office in Brussels and coordinating with the Department of Justice Office of International Affairs.» Dutch prosecutors said in a statement that the man lived in Minneapolis before leaving the United States in November 2008 and arrived in the Netherlands about one month later. The statement said American authorities asked for the man’s arrest and are seeking to have him extradited…. According to the Dutch statement, U.S. prosecutors suspect the man of bankrolling the purchase of weapons for Islamic extremists and helping other Somalis travel to Somalia in 2007 and 2008.

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