Den spesielle liberale holdning som ser all kritikk av det multikulturelle samfunn som «høyreorientert» risikerer å stimulere det de er imot. Rundt 600 demonstranter samlet seg i kveld foran BBC og 30 demonstranter stormet lokalene. 20 kom seg inn. Grunn? BNPs Nick Griffin skulle være gjest i programmet Question Time.

Det er organisasjonen United Againt Fascism som viser en opptreden som øker oppslutningen om BNP.

Melanie Phillips skriver at vi er inne i en farlig utvikling. Hun har ikke sans for BNP, men er opptatt av hvorfor de vokser. Det er ikke vanskelig å se. Det er i områder med mange muslimer at BNP gjør det godt, i indiske områder, eller karibiske, er det ikke slike problemer.

Phillips sier det nå pågår en intens debatt over hele Europa: er min fiendes fiende min venn? Skal man samarbeide med høyreorienterte som BNP? Nei, mener Phillips, noen ganger er faktisk min fiendes fiende likevel min fiende.

Men det er uhyre viktig å forstå hvorfor BNP vokser. De politisk korrekte og venstresiden gjør bare det motsatte.

There is now a real danger than anyone who opposes Islamic supremacism will find themselves vilified not only as ‘Islamophobes’ but also as BNP fellow-travellers. Such an intellectual atmosphere would leave liberals reluctant to speak out against Islamism. This would be the surest way to ensure that Nick Griffin is given access to a far greater audience than the million-odd voters he has so far attracted.

The tactics, for both the jihadis and the BNP, is clear. The Islamists have an incentive to provoke a violent reaction by white groups calling themselves names like English Defence League — simply in order to produce yet more demonisation of the anti-Islamists. In this way, the jihadis can establish control of an area as they become untouchable — and the fortunes of Nick Griffin and the Muslims he despises become inextricably intertwined. When these groups are left alone to fight each other, they both win.

This poses a grave challenge to liberals. If they absent themselves from this fray, the battle lines over the survival of Western freedoms will be drawn between the neo-fascists and the Islamofascists. At a time when there is such contempt for our established political parties, this is a fearsome prospect. As such disorder grows more violent, all minorities will be caught in the firing line, and society risks lurching into ever more panic-driven and repressive measures. And the wedge driven into the ranks of the defenders of the West makes the Islamists’ eventual victory more likely.

There is already a huge fissure among anti-Islamists over whether or not to ally with European neo-fascists. Since liberals are either silent, or even aligning with the jihadis on the grounds that ‘we are all Hezbollah now’ and turning instead upon the pivotal victim in this civilisational war, Israel, some anti-Islamists say that allying with neo-fascist groups is a no-brainer, because ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’.

But this is a highly dangerous course. Islamic fascism must be fought to defend Western values of freedom, democracy and tolerance. This cannot be done in an alliance with white neo-fascists bent on their negation. Sometimes, my enemy’s enemy is also my enemy.

This is why all decent people must join in the fight against Islamic supremacism. Support for the BNP would plummet if the political mainstream were to limit immigration, denounce cultural Islamic imperialism and refuse to give one inch to sharia law, saying no to polygamy, sharia finance, sharia courts and all attempts to set up a parallel Islamic society in Britain.

Freedom can only be protected if its defenders are united. But with Britain’s collective brain turned to multicultural jelly, liberals are refusing to acknowledge the civilisational battle now under way and gathering pace. The obsession with the ‘far right’ has cemented progressive opinion into its current lethal state of cultural somnambulism. Liberals must raise their eyes, raise their game and ask where this is leading. For there is far worse on the horizon than a nasty man on Question Time.

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