Den amerikanske riksrevisjonen, GOA, har samlet inn informasjon som viser at det fortsatt går penger ut av Saudi-Arabia til grupper som Al Qaida og Taliban. Det er ikke statlige penger, men privatpersoner og veldedige organisasjoner som sender pengene.

Citing comments from of officials at the State, Treasury and Homeland Security Departments, the GAO said «Saudi individuals and Saudi-based charitable organizations continue to be significant source of financing for terrorism and extremism outside of Saudi Arabia.»

The report quotes U.S. officials as saying the Saudi money flows not only to Al Qaeda, but is a top source of funding for the Taliban in Afghanistan as well.

The GAO report does not name individuals or estimate how much money may be flowing to the terrorists.

Since 2003, the Saudis have had a ban on charities transferring money outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but the GAO says this has not prevented Saudi-based charities with branches aboard from serving as funding sources for terrorists groups. Some of the money is being smuggled out of the country in cash by the use of couriers, it says. The report cites the International Islamic Relief Organization and its branches in Indonesia and the Phillipines as having provided fundraising support for al Qaeda. It also pointed to the many branches of the Al Haramain Islamic Foundation. In 2004, the Saudi government said the Al Haramain group was being dissolved, but the organization’s leadership reconstituted under different names and has continued to operate. Last year, the U.S. Treasury Department listed «all branches of Al Haramain, including its headquarters in Saudi Arabia, for having provided support to al Qaeda as well as other terrorists and terrorist organizations.»

Despite the tightened financial controls within Saudi Arabia, the GAO concluded that charities with operations in several countries can still «move money out the country.»

Congressional Study Says Saudis Still Funding Terror

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