Det pågår en voldsom kampanje mot opposisjonen i Iran. Regimet forsøker med alle midler å eliminere motstanden. Det har skjedd en sterk høyredreining innenfor regimet, og de verste egenskapene er forsterket. Blant dem er kvinneforakt. Hossein Shariatmadari kalte nylig Fredsprisvinner Shirin Ebadi foraktlig for «den gamle dama».

Shariatmadari er ingen hvem som helst. Han er politisk-ideologisk kommissær og leder ideologi- og propagandaavdelingen til Revolusjonsgarden, samtidig som han er Ali Khameneis representant i redaksjonen til avisen Kayhan, som er et helt mediehus.

Nooshabeh Amiri skriver på roozonline.com at han representerer denne taliban-mafia-mentaliteten som nyter å snakke nedverdigende om forsvarsløse mennesker. Men hva kommer ettertiden til å si, spør Amiri. Hvem vil leve best med sin forfedre og mødre – Ebadi eller Shariatmadari?

Ms Ebadi’s children for many generations will proudly talk about their grandmother being a judge, a jurist, writer, human rights activist, winner of the Nobel Peace prize, etc.

But the offsprings of «brother» Shariatmadari will never tell anyone, «My father was an interrogator». They will never tell anyone that the detainees of Iran’s Green Movement were sent to prison cells through a dirty plan devised by their grand father. They will deny that a close friend of their grand father’s – police commander Radan – was the commander of hooligans and rogues. They will burn the notes that Shariatmadari has sent to Saeed Mortezavi so that no one could see what betrayal and treachery are.

Ebadi’s children – all Ebadi-likes in Iran – will continue to proudly proclaim for years to come that their «grand mother transformed a building into a center for the defense of human rights.»

Shariatmadari’s children however will remain silent over the lies that «brother Shariatmadari» has said and that he fabricated lies to shut such centers.

What’s more, these will look pale in comparison to yet another crime they have committed. Their offsprings will die of shame because their grand father was the principal player in the prison cells where young girls and boys were raped in such prisons as Evin, Kahrizak, etc.

They will remain mortified for the rest of their life that while their grand father presented himself as the spokesperson for piousness and ethics, when behind scenes he was a member of the operational teams that planned the Islamic coup. He will be a grand father whose dossier will have these accomplishments:
– Fabricating cases against political and civil activists
– The arrest of these individuals (by plain clothes agents, without a warrant, but with beatings)
– Keeping them in individual confinement cells, subjecting them to torture, rape, interrogations, etc

And finally
– Forcing them to make false confessions, writing up indictments, holding show-case trials (along with Saeed Mortezavi)

And all of these are done so the «rule of the absolute cleric» (Vali Motlaghe Faghigh) strengthens the foundations of his despotic rule; so that the despot stays in power while a group of sexually sick individuals can rule over the mind and body of the nation under his blanket; so that they can instill fear and demonstrate their claims of being believers through the use of arms and the Basijees.

Choose Between Torture And Old Woman