Europa er inne i en identitetskrise. Europeerne vet at utviklingen går i feil retning, men hvordan stanse den, på hvilket grunnlag? Man må leve i Europa for å forstå hvor dypt krisen stikker. For 20 år siden, ved murens fall, samme året da Khomeini kom med sin fatwa – (symbolsk sammenfall), sa vi at selvsagt står vi for ytringsfrihet. Tyve år senere er ikke det like sikkert:

Two decades later, Europeans are not so sure about the values of freedom of expression. Most members of the media engage in self-censorship. Textbooks in schools and universities have been adapted in such a way as not to offend Muslim sentiment. And legislation to punish ‘blasphemy’, if not passed, has been considered in most countries – or old laws that were never used are being revived.

Men verst er fremveksten av en ny antisemittisme og tausheten som omgir den. Det er det dypeste forrræderiet mot Europa og de idealer våre samfunn bygger på.

Take anti-Semitism in Europe. The sensitivity and guilt Europeans feel about the Holocaust is comparable to the sensitivity and guilt that Americans feel towards black Americans. A decade or two ago, it was unthinkable for Jews to be slandered openly and be targeted for no other reason than their Jewishness.

Today, in the name of Islam, synagogues are vandalised. There are open denials of the Holocaust. There is an active network of Muslim organisations lobbying to curtail or even get rid of Israel. There are incidents of Jews being harassed, beaten, even killed. All this is met with grim silence and rationalisations that it’s not really anti-Semitic but anti-Israel. Can you imagine anything like this happening today in America to black people and it being met with silence?

Hva står vi for?