Antisionisme er fanesak for et nytt parti i Frankrike som stiller til Europa-parlamentet 7. juni. Det vekker selvsagt ubehagelige følelser spesielt hos franske jøder at antisionismen fremheves på denne måten.

Den franske skuespiller, komiker og politiske aktivist Dieudonné har startet partiet som ganske enkelt kalles Liste Antisioniste. Plakater er å finne overalt i Frankrike frem mot valget 7. juni.

Dieudonné er en fremtredende representant for fusjonen i Europa mellom det ytre venstre, det ytre høyre og islamister. Deres felles fiende er jøder generelt og Israel spesielt. Dieudonné har i lang tid vært beryktet for sin antisemittisme.

Han begynte sin karriere som antirasist på venstre fløy men har nå et tett samarbeid med Front National. Jean-Marie Le Pen er gudfar for ett av hans barn. Bildet blir fullkomment når Tariq Ramadan også stiller seg bak Dieudonné. Ramadan er som kjent fjeset til det «moderate» islam i Europa og har ved gjentatte anledninger blitt brukt som et sannhetsvitne av den intellektuelle elite i Norge.

Plakaten propaganderer et Europa fritt for sensur fra «communautarisme», etnosentrisme, «spéculateurs», klassisk antisemittisk sjargong for jøder, og «l’OTAN», NATO, som selvfølgelig står for Israel og USA.

Today a campaign poster now apparently appearing all over France, offering an «Anti-Zionist list» for the June 7 elections, one headed by the vicious antisemite, the clown known as Dieudonné (full name: Dieudonné M’bala M’bala) was put up at NER.

While a literal translation has been given, in order to convey the full meaning of the poster a little more might be provided. The word «communautarisme» defies an easy or smooth translation into English and more needs to be said about it. The word itself entered the French language in the early 1980s, means something like «unwelcome ethnocentricism» or «a hypertrophied sense of oneself as a member of a particular ethnic or racial or religious group» with overtones of what in English is called «identity politics.»

Those who are most concerned in France about the survival of France, and of the universalist ideals of France (which, paradoxically, are held fast to by the French who are most French, who see those universalist and laic ideals as the most perfect expression of modern France), are the ones who denounce what they call «communautarisme.» The sinister antisemites now running on this «anti-Zionist» (read: antisemitic, anti-French, anti-Western, anti-Infidel) slate are claiming that they will «liberate» Europe from its hidden masters, including those French who want to keep France French, and the international Jewish conspiracy (French Division), and of course those who still believe in the idea and ideal of the West, as represented by the alliance known as NATO. Such well-known «fascists» as Andre Glucksmann and Alain Finkielkraut and Caroline Fourest and Yvan Riouf and Anne-Marie Descombres and Alain Besançon, bref, all the supposed master manipulators of French opinion, who have managed to create an atmosphere, according to Dieudonne, that stifles the truth — well, Dieudonne is hoping that if he wins, and his will is done, such people will no longer be heard from.

But France, or rather Europe,. will be «liberated» not only from those who worry about «communautarisme» and who denounce ethnocentrism, identity politiics, and the — this is sous entendu — the inculcated unity of the Umma, or Community of Muslim Believers.

The word «speculateurs» represents an attempt to use the economic crisis for antisemitic purposes, without being too open about it. «Speculators» means «financial speculators» and «financial speculators» means, in the lexicon of antisemitism, Jews.

And the final enemy of Dieuedonne, the main figure in this nauseating galere (there is even an anti-Zionist rabbi shown on his left, one of those Neturei Karta orthodox, those Jewish useful idiots who show up, on cue, for every denunication of Israel) is NATO, which stands in for the West and for America.

So literally translated, that phrase would be «For A Europe Liberated From The Censorship Of Those Who Cry «Ethnoicentrism» and From Speculators and from NATO.

Tranlated less literally and more faithfully, the line will be taken to mean this:

«For a Europe Liberated From Those French Who Believe In the French State, and From Jewish Crooks, and From Fascist Amerikkka.»

Dieudonné’s Little Campaign

French Jews are shocked and outraged by an anti-Zionist party’s campaign slogans for upcoming European Union Parliament elections.

Campaign graphics showing a crossed-out Israeli flag over a map of France «constitute an insult and a threat to oust Jews from their country,» said the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, in a May 28 statement. In its statement, the bureau said that it had been flooded with calls from concerned Jews who see the current anti-Zionist party campaign as «propaganda that reminds them of the darkest days of the 20th century» leading up to the Holocaust.

The group also asked the interior minister to block the anti-Zionist party from participating in the June 7 European elections.

The anti-Zionist party, run by the French comedian known as Dieudonné, is campaigning across the Paris region, and notably in immigrant suburbs with large Muslim populations, according to the party’s Web site.

The Web site also outlines the group’s official program, which calls on the party and the parliament to: «Stop Zionist interference in the Nation’s public affairs; denounce politicians who apologize for Zionism; eradicate all forms of Zionism in the Nation; prevent enterprises and institutions from contributing to the war efforts of a foreign nation, which does not respect International Law. Free our state, our government, our institutions from the possession and pressure of Zionist organizations.»

Some French politicians have unsuccessfully attempted to bar the anti-Zionist party from participating in the E.U. elections.

On Sunday a «violent» fight broke out between anti-Zionist campaigners and several still unidentified individuals, in an immigrant district in northeastern Paris, reported the French daily, Le Parisien. Dieudonne was reportedly present at the time of the fight, but did not participate. Four people were injured, and five detained by police, according to Le Parisien.

French anti-Zionist party slogans concern Jews