Storbritannia vil bli nødt til å bygge et nytt hus hvert sjette minutt, dag og natt, syv dager uken de neste 20 år dersom landet skal kunne møte følgene av den nåværende innvandringen, advarer parlamentsmedlem for regjeringspartiet Labour og tidligere minister Frank Field. I 2007 mottok Storbritannia en ny innvandrer nesten pr. minutt.

I følge Field vil dagens innvandring utgjøre 70 prosent av befolkningsveksten de neste 20 årene; 7 ganger befolkningen i Birmingham:

In 2007, immigrants were arriving at the rate of almost one every minute.

He recalled that he and Tory MP Nicholas Soames had established a cross-party group on balanced migration, designed to stimulate and inform a non-partisan and calm debate about the issue.

«For many years, probably a generation, immigration has been a no-go area to British politics. ‘Racist’, ‘Little Englander’, ‘xenophobe’ – those who have raised the subject have been insulted, abused and, all too often, silenced.»

Field went on: «The beneficiaries of this have been the extremists, lurking in the wings, eager to piggyback on the public’s concern for their own despicable ends. The losers have been the citizens of this country.»

He said that over the past few years immigration had reached unprecedented levels. «Net migration – the number of people coming to the UK minus the people leaving – has more than quadrupled since 1997.»

In 2007, 502,000 migrants arrived in the UK – almost one every minute, Field said. «Our population is officially projected to reach 70 million by 2028 and 80 million in mid-century, with immigration the main driver and the only one that the government can directly influence.

Field said that these projections were based on the Government’s own net immigration assumptions. «But cold statistics do not paint the whole picture,» he said.

«Delve beneath ‘seven new Birminghams’ and we see that in the next 20 years, one-third of projected household formations will be a result of immigration, meaning we will need to build 260 houses a day for the next 20 years to meet the requirement.»

And he warned: «If the Government does not adopt the policy of balanced migration, or something close to it, our population is set to rise to a level to which the vast majority of people are strongly opposed. They are not opposed to immigration or immigrants, but to the present scale of immigration, which is bound to have a negative aspect on life in Britain.»

Scotland on Sunday: Field hits out over immigration levels