President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ba arberstatene bryte alle kontakt med Israel, innføre økonomisk boikott og bruke sin innflytelse overfor Israels venner.

Ahmadinejad uttalte dette i et intervju med Hizbollahs tv-stasjon Al Manar:

«Arabs can do many things on the political level — they can cut off all open and secret contacts» with Israel, «they can use their political capabilities to pressure the backers of the Zionist entity by severing relations with them. And they can make use of their economic wealth,» Ahmadinejad said.
Ahmadinejad dismissed allegations that Iran is urging Hamas to reject Egyptian diplomatic efforts to end the fighting but demanded that Egypt open the border crossings with the Gaza Strip.

He said Arab governments should exert pressure «on the protectors of the Zionist entity» rather than «putting pressure on Hamas.»

Earlier Wednesday, the Israeli navy had intercepted an Iranian ship loaded with 2,000 tons of medicine, food and clothing destined for Gaza and forced the vessel to Egypt, Iran’s state-run television said.

Iran’s president urges Arabs to stop Israel