Mads Gilbert og Erik Fosse er nettopp ankommet Gardermoen etter flere dagers opphold som leger ved Shifa-sykehuset i Gaza. Jeg lurer på om de der nede støtte på denne smilende terroristen, og eventuelt hva de snakket med ham om.

A car arrived with more patients. One was a 21-year-old man with shrapnel in his left leg who demanded quick treatment. He turned out to be a militant with Islamic Jihad. He was smiling a big smile.

«Hurry, I must get back so I can keep fighting,» he told the doctors.

He was told that there were more serious cases than his, that he needed to wait. But he insisted. «We are fighting the Israelis,» he said. «When we fire we run, but they hit back so fast. We run into the houses to get away.» He continued smiling.

«Why are you so happy?» this reporter asked. «Look around you.»

A girl who looked about 18 screamed as a surgeon removed shrapnel from her leg. An elderly man was soaked in blood. A baby a few weeks old and slightly wounded looked around helplessly. A man lay with parts of his brain coming out. His family wailed at his side.

«Don’t you see that these people are hurting?» the militant was asked.

«But I am from the people, too,» he said, his smile incandescent. «They lost their loved ones as martyrs. They should be happy. I want to be a martyr, too.»