Indias innenriksminister sier terroristene holdt kontinuerlig kontakt med et annet land. Hva om landet er Storbritannia? Ikke rart Gordon Brown er spak i sin uttalelse om at Manmohan Singh ikke nevnte noe slikt.

One commando leader described how suspicions of a British link had been raised when investigators examined BlackBerry mobile phones seized from some of the captured Islamic extremists, which they had used to monitor the internet.

General Noble Thamburaj, head of India’s southern command, told the Telegraph: «There was a lot of content from the English media, not just in London but the Urdu and Arabic sites that are very strong in the north of England.

«We have some analysis started on this and we will pass it on to Scotland Yard.»

Gen Thamburaj said at least five of the terrorists had used BlackBerrys to monitor British websites.

The use of BlackBerrys by the terrorists to monitor international reaction to the atrocities – and to check on the police response – provided further evidence of the highly organised and sophisticated nature of the attacks.

Two of the killers were members of staff at the Taj Mahal hotel, according to one report, and two others were staying there as guests, enabling them to plan the attack and gain an edge over security forces by familiarising themselves with the layout of the labyrinthine Edwardian building.

Mumbai attacks: Are they British?

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