En fraksjon innen Irans maktapparat sender våpen til Taliban i Afghanistan, sier britiske diplomater til BBC. Taliban-kommandanter erkjenner åpent til BBC at de mottar dødelige og effektive miner mot panservogner.

Elements in the Iranian state are sending weapons across the border to the Taleban in Afghanistan, a BBC investigation has uncovered.
Taleban members said they had received Iranian-made arms from elements in the Iranian state and from smugglers.
The UK says its troops have intercepted arms which it believes were given by a group within the Iranian state.
ranian-made weapons, one commander told me, had really improved the Taleban’s ability to attack the American military deployed in his area.
«There’s a kind of mine called Dragon. Iran is sending it, we have got it,» the Taleban commander said.
«It’s directional, it destroys. If you lay an ordinary mine, it will cause only minor damage to Humvees or one of their big tanks. But if you lay a Dragon, it will be destroy it completely.»
‘Limited supply’
The question is – are Iranian weapons only being brought across the border by smugglers for profit or are elements of the Iranian state also donating arms?
The Taleban commander and other sources in the south told me both routes were operating.
The British ambassador in Kabul, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, made the same allegation.
«We’ve seen a limited supply of weapons by a group within the Iranian state, not necessarily with the knowledge of all other agencies of the Iranian state, sending some very dangerous weapons to the Taleban in the south.
«It’s a very dangerous game for Iran, a Shia state, to be supplying Sunni extremists, like the Taleban.»

Iran ‘sending weapons to Taleban’