Ukraina tilbyr EU og USA å overta et varslingsanlegg for innkommende missiler som tidligere var vendt mot Vesten. Nå ønsker Ukraina å knytte seg nærmere til Europa.

Ukraine inflamed mounting East-West tensions yesterday by offering up a Soviet-built satellite facility as part of the European missile defence system.
Ukraine said it was ready to give both Europe and America access to its missile warning systems after Russia earlier annulled a 1992 cooperation agreement involving two satellite tracking stations. Previously, the stations were part of Russia’s early-warning system for missiles coming from Europe.

«The fact that Ukraine is no longer a party to the 1992 agreement allows it to launch active cooperation with European countries to integrate its information,» a statement from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

It follows a declaration earlier this week from Ukraine’s pro-Western president, Viktor Yushchenko, that the Russian naval lease of the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Sebastopol would be scrapped if any vessels joined the conflict in Georgia.

The crisis over Russia’s display of military might in Georgia has alarmed ex-Soviet satellites states in a broad arc from the Baltics to Central Asia. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, all of which harbour bitter memories of Soviet occupation, have expressed solidarity with the Georgian position.

Hvordan vil Moskva reagere? Det bor 4,5 million russere i Ukraina. Reagerer ukrainere som polakker som skyndet seg å inngå en rakettskjoldavtale med USA?

Ukraine offers satellite defence co-operation with Europe and US