Sakset/Fra hofta

Den britiske regjeringens fremste terrorrådgiver advarte nylig mot faren for at et privatfly kan bli brukt i et 9/11-angrep på Storbritannia. Thrillerforfatter Tom Caine har laget et scenario for hvordan en slik trussel kan arte seg.

Earlier this week the Government’s terrorism adviser, Lord Carlile QC, warned there was ‘real anxiety’ that private jets might be used as ‘vehicle bombs’ in terrorist attacks on Britain. But what form would such attacks take? Best-selling thriller writer Tom Cain, whose latest book centres on just such a plot, has talked to defence experts, academics, military personnel, atomic scientists and civil servants to create a chilling picture of what might happen . . .

The order came from the mountains of North Waziristan, the bleak, lawless tribal area of Pakistan which borders Afghanistan, where the leaders of Al Qaeda have spent the past five years hiding, rebuilding and planning their next atrocities.

It was given by the leader, known to his followers as The Sheik – a tall, slender figure with long beard and soft brown eyes – whose ruthless tactics had become known, and feared, the whole world over.

The plan was made possible by the 40kg of enriched, weapons-grade uranium 235 that The Sheik’s most trusted associates had bought, at a cost of $150 million, with the profits of the opium trade that was flourishing once more.

Armageddon Britain: A detailed insight into how a terrorist attack on Britain could happen any day without warning