Sakset/Fra hofta

Det er mye som minner om serbernes framferd i Bosnia i Luis Moreno-Ocampos beskrivelse av volden i Darfur. Begge brukte voldtekt som bevisst våpen for å knekke samfunnet. Når kvinnene ble ødelagt ble kollektivet påført et stort sår.

Mr Moreno-Ocampo alleged that Mr al-Bashir took the decision to start a genocide in March 2003, instructing the Army to quell the rebellion and not to bring back any prisoners. «It is clear that any government has the right to control armed rebellions and the right to control its territory,» he said. «But no government can commit a genocide to control their territory.»

During the 2003-05 period, the villages of the three ethnic groups were targeted and overrun, the prosecution alleges. Since then, the main weapons of the genocide had been rape, hunger and fear. He added: «The most efficient method to commit genocide today in front of our eyes is gang rapes, rapes against girls and rapes against 70-year-old women. Babies born as a result have been called Janjawid babies and this has led to an explosion of infanticide. Al-Bashir is executing this genocide without gas chambers, without bullets and without machetes. The desert will do it for them . . . hunger is the weapon of this genocide as well as rape.»

The prosecutor said that it would be up to three judges, from Brazil, Ghana and Latvia, to decide whether to uphold his charges.

Generalsekretær Ban Ki-moon stilte seg bak tiltalen og sa rettferdighet må gå foran alt. Men formannslandet for African Union, Tanzania, ba om at tiltalen øyeblikkelig stilles i bero.

Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General, spoke of his fear of repercussions and appealed to the Sudanese Government to ensure the safety of its personnel. «I am very worried but no one is above the process of law. Justice and peace must go hand in hand,» Mr Ban said.

But Tanzania, which holds the chair of the African Union, called for a halt to the process immediately. «We would like ICC to suspend its decision to seek al-Bashir’s arrest until we sort out the primary problems in Darfur and southern Sudan,» Bernard Membe, the Foreign Minister, said.

Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir, charged with genocide