Tyrkiske myndigheter har rullet opp et nettverk som planla å undergrave regjeringen med illegale metoder, inklusive voldelige. Riksadvokaten forkynte tiltale mot 86 personer for terrorisme mandag. To pensjonerte generaler er pågrepet.

I Tyrkia brukes uttrykket «dyp stat» om en strukturer innenfor de offisielle som opererer på egen hånd, også med provokasjoner. Innenfor hæren, politiet og sikkerhetstjenestene finnes det elementer som driver med selvjustis. Nettverket skal ha stått bak et bombeangrep mot den sekulære avisen Cumhyiryet, som islamister fikk skylden for.

The suspects were detained as part of an investigation after police uncovered a cache of hand grenades at the house of a retired noncommissioned officer in Istanbul last summer.

The investigation was deepened after Erdogan vowed to crack down on shadowy «deep state» gangs — networks of renegade agents within the state, driven by hardline nationalism, who may be taking the law into their own hands to target perceived enemies.

Three prosecutors have unveiled what they say is an intriguing net of ties between members of a hardline secularist and nationalist group, called «Ergenekon,» which takes its name from a legendary plain in Central Asia, from which Turks are believed to have emerged.

The prosecutor said the group is allegedly behind the 2006 attacks on the administrative court and the pro-secular Cumhuriyet newspaper, which infuriated secularists and led to protests against the government.

Engin said the 2,455-page indictment also accuse suspects of possessing explosives and arms as well as obtaining classified documents and provoking military disobedience.

The prosecutor said an additional indictment is being prepared against a dozen more people, including two senior retired generals, who were arrested in early July for their alleged ties to the group.

86 indicted on coup plot in Turkey