Nicolas Sarkozy har planene klare for en strengere innvandringspolitikk for EU. Planen vil stå i sentrum når Frankrike overtar formannsvervet 1. juli. Man må søke om asyl utenfra, tilegnelse av språk og verdier blir obligatorisk, og det skal bli lettere å utvise avviste asylsøkere.

The document – a so-called «pact on immigration» – also calls for swift implementation of biometric visas and compulsory language lessons for all new arrivals. It acknowledges that the EU needs migrants for demographic and economic reasons but it adds: «Europe does not have the means to welcome with dignity all those who see an Eldorado in it.»

It calls for EU member states to establish compulsory «integration contracts» for newcomers. They would have to learn the language of the country they were living in as well as «national and European values» such as gender equality and tolerance.

Mr Sarkozy’s proposals include a fresh drive to return unlawful entrants to their home countries.
Paris says only one in three illegal immigrants due to be deported is actually expelled. It wants the EU to toughen «re-admission» deals with countries under which unlawful migrants in the EU can be sent home.

Negotiations on such deals are under way between the EU and countries such as Morocco, Pakistan and Turkey. The paper suggests that «all diplomatic and commercial instruments» could be used in negotiations.

The French proposal also suggests immigration be restricted to those with skills in short supply in the host country, based on countries’ labour market needs.

Paris is discussing the paper with other capitals and the pact could be watered down. However, Mr Sarkozy hopes that EU leaders will endorse the migration proposal at a summit this year.

Sarkozy calls for immigrant crackdown