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På tur i USA

April 22

I was up early to make the loop drive with the mist still in the valley. I was rewarded for my early rising with fantastic scenes that would have quickened to heartbeat of any nature photographer. The colors of spring, while perhaps not as dramatic as those of autumn are still quite striking here.

Throughout this trip I have attempted to the best of my ability to show you some of the amazing things, and some of the beauty of this part of our great country. In Great Smoky Mountain National Park my skill is inadequate. My talents are simply not up to the task. Neither do my words do this place justice. Sometimes the scale and magnitude of the task is simply overwhelming. A few days ago I mentioned a sensation as being more than the simple sum of its parts. That is the case here. The eye and brain combined can register the incredible beauty with great effectiveness. But a camera is a crude tool by comparison. It has limited dynamic range, its depth of field is limited, and it can only record small segments of incredible vistas. It cannot feel breezes, or take in the flowery scents from dogwood or other trees, or fully comprehend the scope of the beauty here.

Though my tools are clearly insufficient, they are all I have. I took over 700 digital photos today. Of those I liked perhaps 100 of them. But I can only show you a very small percentage of those. How do I narrow them down to show you only the best? Do I show just the prettiest, the most unusual, the most representative? It is not an easy task.

Hopelessly lost, but making good time!

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